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Peters, Arnott’s Jatz collab with Sweet & Salty Drumstick

Peters DrumstickPeters Drumstick has collaborated with iconic Aussie crackers brand Arnott’s Jatz with a new limited-edition Drumstick Sweet & Salty Cracker inspired by Jatz this January 2018, just in time
for the scorching Australian summer.

The new sweet and salty flavour combination has salty cracker pieces providing texture, saltiness and biscuit feel, topped off with golden syrup to add sweetness and a buttery taste to the classic drumstick.

The collaboration comes off the back of the successful pairing of Peters and Arnott’s classic biscuit flavours earlier in the year including popular flavours Wagon Wheels, Mint Slice, Iced VoVo and
Caramel Crowns.

“We’re excited to be able to bring together two much-loved Aussie brands by launching a unique yet nostalgic flavour. The collaboration delivers a surprise and delight element with an unexpected flavour mash-up,” said Alicia Munday, Peters head of Marketing. “The new flavour also taps into the sweet and salty trend that is hugely popular amongst Millennials.”

The one off limited edition will be available in time for Australia Day in a four-pack to share
with mates as well as enjoy individually. Peters Drumstick is also launching an additional flavour to the core range in January, following the success of the Salted Caramel White Choc. The Drumstick Raspberry White Choc flavour will launch on 10 January. The new flavour is fruity tart and refreshing to compliment the sweet white chocolate ice cream. This classic combination will appeal to the whole family and features Drumstick’s unique white choc tip.

Peters Drumstick has been around Australia since 1963. The Rip It, Lick It, Drumstick It messaging will be highlighted across the 2017/2018 summer, reinforcing the classic ritual of eating a Drumstick.

Peters Drumstick Sweet & Salty Cracker inspired by Jatz, limited edition is available at Coles Express from January 4 for RRP $4.20 each and at Coles, Woolworths and Independents from January 10 for RRP $8 multipack (four). Peters Drumstick Raspberry White Choc is available in supermarkets from January 10 for RRP $8 multipack (four).


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