Lion Dairy & Drinks brings Liberté yoghurt to Australia

Lion Dairy & Drinks has introduced a yoghurt brand
Liberté to Australia this month, launching exclusively at Coles.

The Canadian yoghurt brand has a range of fruit-layered yoghurt, all manufactured in Morwell, Victoria.

The new Liberté range does not contain any gelatin or artificial sweeteners and is made with whole cream milk. Liberté’s collection of premium yoghurt includes vanilla, blackberry, lemon and raspberry & arabica flavours.

“We’re thrilled to bring to Australia a unique French-Canadian brand with a strong heritage and shared passion for producing simple, yet great tasting products that are full of flavour,” Darryn Wallace, marketing and innovation director, Lion Dairy & Drinks,

“Liberté is a truly premium indulgent yoghurt which is in our minds a first to market here in Australia. It is the perfect choice for people who have an obsession for taste and appreciate quality food that is made with a selection of fine ingredients.

“Liberté packaging is simple, yet refined, extremely elegant and certainly eye-catching in black. We can’t wait to share it with Australian foodies and all households alike, making it available to everyone through our exclusive partnership with Coles.”

Liberté is available at Coles in two sizing choices of 4 x 150g and 4 x 500g.



  1. A Jay posted on September 28, 2019

    I can't thank you enough for bringing non sugar filled, beautiful set high milk fat content yoghurt to Australia, I bought all of it off the shelf locally. Not to sure about the packaging, maybe go more white, the black scared them away, and well the price, has to come down to get it into the mainstream, but if the product is changed, well, it will end up just like the rest of the junk on the shelf here :( But Thank You, I truly missed this level of great yoghurt!

  2. Joy Cordner posted on October 17, 2019

    I bought the blackberry yogurt and was very disappointed. More like over sweet blackberry syrup. No whole blackberries at all The yogurt itself had nice flavour. but I had to dilute it with fat free sugar free yogurt to make it at least eatable. I am left with black berry syrup in the bottom of container. Will not be buying this again unless you come up with fat free sugar free variety.

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