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A healthier new normal

Australians’ attitudes towards Health and Wellness hasn’t changed as much as we would have expected throughout the pandemic – instead, our focus on hygiene became much of the focus for last year.

As Australians continue to live through the pandemic, with multiple lockdowns and periods of isolation, have their attitudes to health and wellness changed? Traditionally we have seen Health and Wellness focused around weight-loss or fad diets but the shift in the attitudes has moved to moderation and avoidance of particular ingredients through to just doing better for themselves in limiting the amount of meat being consumed.

Our latest research report ‘A Healthier New Normal’ explores the shift from Hygiene to Holistic Health. As we navigate the new world, Australians are embracing a new way of life and looking inwards at what that may mean for them. So, what does a healthier new normal look like for Australians?

  1. Selfcare & Indulgence: As Australians move to a new normal and the pandemic still impacts much of their traditional way of life, the new focus on the ‘at-home-experience’ is being seen across food, liquor, health, and beauty. As these worlds collide it creates a fine line between selfcare and indulgence.
  2. Plant Proliferation: People love plants. With their ‘naturally functional’ halo, people have always wanted to eat more plants, and now that they’re available in more convenient forms, in snacks and in supplement powders, they can. In fact, creative product development is propelling the plant-based trend, not vegetarianism and veganism.
  3. Less is more: Attitudes towards dieting are changing; Australians are no longer wanting to force themselves through ‘deprivation dieting’. Australian are now choosing products on what it features and what is does not contain.
  4. Hygiene: Australians’ focus on hygiene was and continues to be more apparent. But elevated use of hygiene products overall has helped Australians to feel safe and secure, and take back some element of control, in a broader context where so many things have felt beyond their sphere of influence.

So, what’s the opportunity for brands in hitting the mark?

There are four key steps in winning in a healthier new normal, these include:

  1. Tapping into multiple trends for fragmented needs
  2. Targeting the right shopper segments
  3. Understand the market and what your customer is after
  4. Explore partnerships with affinity brands/categories

Learn more about the changing Australian with our latest report, you can download it here for FREE. 

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