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Is rebranding a good idea?

OPINION: ‘Most rebrands are designed to satisfy an internal ego or demand from a CEO, CMO, or creative director’.

Kleenex wipes “sexist” name in tissue rebrand

The tissue company mops up mansize media mess.

P&G: Billions “wasted” on digital ads

P&G CBO: “It’s frankly time to stop giving digital a pass and ask it to grow up.”

How to avoid copycats and private labels from killing your brand

It’s important to make a clear point of difference.

Sponsored: Is your marketing department art smart?

Save time and money by increasing artwork production and management efficiencies.

How brand, not price, will win the Amazon war

Australian retail industry prepares for a shake up.

Coke launches Fuze Tea summer campaign

Latest summer campaign targets women aged 30-49.

PART 5: The secret to successful packaging design

How do you demonstrate value for money on a retail shelf without a discount sticker?

The secret to successful packaging design – PART 3

Irresistibility is impossible to refuse.

The secret to successful packaging design – PART 2

Clarity is the core element of all marketing communications.