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sugar Archives - Page 2 of 3 - Inside FMCG

Does a sugar tax cause alcohol sales to spike?

The research doesn’t give a decisive answer.

Obesity Policy Coalition calls for clearer labelling of ‘Added Sugar’

Health ministers urged for clearer labelling.

PM weighs in on sugar-tax plans

Outrage sparked over new eight-point sugar tax plan.

Taxing sugary drinks would boost productivity, not just health

Adding tax to beverages will help counter the obesity problem.

New Coke brand could be end for Zero

Coca-Cola No Sugar may cause big changes for the drinks giants.

Confectionery brands reformulate products for consumers

Innovative opportunities for confectionery in FMCG industry.

Kids’ vitamin gummies: unhealthy, poorly regulated and exploitative

They are “not a substitute” for a healthy diet.

Does gluten prevent type 2 diabetes? Probably not

Avoiding gluten is an increasing trend.

Aussie farmers optimistic in 2017

Growers stay positive despite the summer heat.

Kefir trends in yogurts and fermented drinks

Nearly half of kefir launches use low fat claims.