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Is the Health Star Rating future ready?

OPINION: People eat food, not numbers and directing our attention to behaviour change strategies may be a better and more effective way forward.

Choice urges ministers to act on health star rating

Lower Health Star Rating may lead to penalising products with high sugar content.

Sweet signs for cane growers as sugar prices point higher

Analyst says there are signs the sugar market is starting to turn for the better.

Sickly sweet or just right? How genes control your taste for sugar

Research finds genes could dictate a person’s reaction to sugary foods.

Poll: Does advertising encourage unhealthy eating habits?

Should junk foods ads be banned?

Coca-Cola scales back UK truck tour over sugar criticism

Health campaigners called on the company to stop handing out free sugary drinks.

Coke has promised ‘less sugar’, but less is still too much

Sugar industry goes through changes.

Sweet power: the politics of sugar, sugary drinks and poor nutrition in Australia

“Sugary drinks tax is no silver bullet.”

How sugar taxes punish the people

WHO report claims 20 per cent tax will reduce consumption of sugar.

If sugar is so bad for us, why is the sugar in fruit OK?

About 50% of Australians eat two fruit per day.