Major brands join Foodbank campaign

foodbankIconic Australian food brands are donating food or beverage to Foodbank as the initiative holds its national campaign to fight hunger this month.

Brands that signed up to support Foodbank are SPC, Ardmona, Helga’s, Vetta, Devondale, Primo, Sanitarium, NESCAFÉ, Flora, Continental and ‘Mount Franklin’

Data from Foodbank shows that hunger is a hidden crisis in Australia which 1 in 6 people experience at some point every year. Half of these, or two million Australians, seek food relief from a charity or community group, and a third of those seeking food relief are children. Each month Foodbank provides food for more than half a million people but, despite this, 43,000 of those seeking help are turned away empty handed because demand outstrips supply.

“As Australians we subscribe to the belief of a fair go for all, and at Foodbank we think that means being free from hunger. We can, and must, set our sights on achieving this goal,” Foodbank Australia’s CEO Brianna Casey said.

When the campaign debut in 2015, seven million serves of food were donated.

Woolworths is increasing its support for the campaign this year ensuring even more exposure in stores including prominent Food Fight point-of-sale material.


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  1. King M. Rakic posted on September 15, 2016

    "there is still a lot of food going to waste. Not only due to passing their expiry dates, but also due to fruits and vegetables being thrown out due to slight imperfections. Yes slight imperfections. If I were a vegetable, I would've been thrown out many years ago due to not ripening into what is deemed as perfection. My mothers organic garden gives us most of what we need and I would easily choose her slightly imperfect fruit and vegetables which have an abundance of flavour, over perfection which is often frozen in transit and sometimes appeals to my taste buds. Sometimes". My blog on the subject-

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