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EFA welcomes new free range egg labelling standard

eggs3Egg Farmers of Australia (EFA) yesterday said they support the new national standard on free range egg labelling.

The new standard will inform consumers of hen stock density on packaging.

“The new free range labelling standard was developed after an exhaustive examination of the evidence and a lengthy process of public consultation by Treasury. It was signed off by Consumer Affairs Ministers nationwide,” said John Dunn, CEO, Egg Farmers of Australia.

“Under the new standard, every farmer must give their hens meaningful and regular access to an outdoor range. Any hen who wants to go outdoors will be able to do so, if she chooses to.

“People will also be able to see on free range egg cartons how many hens per hectare there are on the farm. Displaying stock density information on egg cartons gives the choice to consumers.”

Dunn said it’s an advantage for consumers and for farmers. It will give consumers clear information, lessen the complexity and confusion about hens per hectare on egg cartons.

“During the development of the new standard, many interested groups supported the requirement to display stocking density, including CHOICE. While their app may be helpful for some and appear gimmicky to others, the fact is the new standards will be the definitive voice on making free range egg labelling more transparent,” said Dunn.

“EFA supports consumers in their right to choose which type of eggs they want to buy – whether that be from free range, barn or caged hens.”

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