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Egg industry report indicates progress on environment and hen welfare

Egg industry lowers environmental footprint through better genetics, improved farm management, solar power and waste management technologies.

Australians view egg farms as better for the environment

CSIRO report finds Aussies are more trustful of the egg industry.

Egg farmers call on retailers to raise prices

Egg Farmers of Australia CEO Melinda Hashimoto says an increase in egg prices from retailers is the only way that the industry can continue to be sustainable.

Salmonella outbreaks a ‘learning experience’ for egg industry

Salmonella outbreak hit egg farmers hard with many of the contaminated farms have been unable to recover.

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The top headlines this week.

Check your eggs! NSW Food Authority issues salmonella warning

Eggs stamp with a BEC or BEC115 mark may be contaminated.

World’s first “no-kill” eggs hit supermarkets in Germany

The scientific breakthrough could put a halt to the culling of live male chicks.

Farmer faces charges over falsely labelled eggs

An Auckland farmer is facing eight charges for falsely labeling eggs as “free range”.

ACCC releases free range egg standard guidance

Consumer watchdog monitors market.

How to know what you’re getting when you buy free-range eggs

Government definition of “free range” might not mean what you think it does.