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Schweppes rolls out new bottle design a decade later

Schweppes bottlesSchweppes has unveiled its new modern bottle design in the market. The beverage giant has rolled out its biggest change to bottle design in over a decade last July 10.

The new bottle shape has paid homage to Schweppes’ famous “Hamilton” bottle of 1809.

The updated look has further underscored the company’s heritage and premium positioning.

“Schweppes’ new bottle design is elegant, thoughtful and contemporary,” said Lisa Saunders, Schweppes general manager marketing.

“Our bottle shape is a visible reflection of our brand. With a new, more premium bottle design we hope to create a stronger connection with the experience of drinking our quality products.

“Australians trust the Schweppes brand and have high quality expectations of our liquids. Now we have a design that matches those expectations, and connects the quality liquid inside to the look of the bottle on the outside.”

The new PET bottle design will see a reduction in bottle size from 1.25 litres to 1.1 litres across Schweppes’ mixer and flavoured mineral water ranges.

“By leveraging the heritage of the famous Schweppes ‘Hamilton’ design from 1809 – an innovation in sparkling beverages all those years ago – it places us in a more premium market,” Saunders said.

“The new bottle design applies to the Schweppes mixer and the mineral water ranges, while only the flavoured mineral water range has been updated with new flavours.”

The recommended retail price per bottle will also reduce. Other changes include updating the flavoured mineral water range to be more in line with consumer expectations: less sugar, less sweet and more natural flavour profiles.

The move to a more contemporary bottle design is part of Schweppes’ wider strategy to ensure it remains relevant to discerning consumers of adult beverages.

She said the flavoured mineral water range had been reinvigorated to address changing consumer tastes and trends, including reduced sugar content, while still producing a great tasting product.

“With these distinctive updates, Schweppes will really stand out. We wanted to modernise the brand and give consumers a bottle that they would be proud to serve on their dining table. We recognise that consumers want a more natural flavoured mineral water with a reduced sweetness. We have kept the 5 per cent real fruit juice content and reformulated the range to lower the two sugar content and deliver a lighter, more refreshing beverage,” added Saunders.

Schweppes has reduced the sugar content on their flavoured mineral water range. She said it has decreased between “3.4 grams and 3.8 grams per 100ml, an average reduction of 24 per cent compared to the previous range.”

The beverage maker’s other popular products like Schweppes Lemonade and Traditionals haven’t changed. They are proud to leverage its rich history to update the bottle and flavours to stay on trend with the market.

“Design-led innovation has been a hallmark of Schweppes for more than 230 years. The latest innovation to our bottle shape and some of our recipes continues this tradition,” Saunders said.

She also said the new PET bottle shape and packaging was part of repositioning the beverage company’s sparkling beverages in the mainstream sparkling beverage market, and making them more appealing to discerning adult consumers.

“Considerable research shows that consumers really like the new bottle and in particular, the sleek profile of the neck,” added Saunders. “The response to our updated, more contemporary flavoured mineral water range has been very strong, with the new liquids judged as superior in taste to the current range in market.”

Schweppes’ reinvigorated flavoured mineral water range were rolled out last 10 July. Schweppes will has launched three new flavours in the new 1.1 litre packs:

  • Blood Orange and Passionfruit
  • Apple and Cranberry
  • Pineapple and Lemon

Their infused and natural mineral water will also move to the new 1.1 litre bottle without any liquid changes.

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