ValenHeinz: ketchup meets chocolate in latest Heinz collaboration

If there was a prize for the most innovative Valentine’s Day product in FMCG this year, Heinz UK would probably take the win.

The globally recognised ketchup brand seized the opportunity to trendjack the holiday by collaborating with London confectionery store Fortnum and Mason on a box of unique truffles.

The limited edition gift box contains a selection of milk, white and dark shelled truffles, filled with a blonde chocolate ganache and Heinz Tomato Ketchup.

“Presented in a sweetheart box and made entirely by hand, we’ve combined our ketchup knowledge with Fortnum’s chocolate expertise into creating nine delectable chocolates for you and your loved one to share,” Heinz UK said in a post on its website.

“The bright and tangy tomato flavour from our irresistible ketchup burst through the silky and rich chocolate with a sweet finish.”

The news surprised, delighted and disgusted social media commentators in equal measure, but has without doubt generated a lot of conversation about the brand and has been labelled a “genius” marketing move by many.

The chocolates caused such a frenzy amongst consumers, both in the UK and internationally, that they sold out before the big day. On February 13, the Fortnum and Mason website, through which they were sold and shipped worldwide, listed the product as “currently unavailable”.

Heinz has a long history of powerful marketing campaigns, most recently collaborating with singer and long-time ketchup lover Ed Sheeran on a TV commercial and special edition label, Heinz Edchup.

Sheeran had previously declared his love for Heinz on Twitter and during interviews and even has the Heinz logo tattooed on his arm.


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