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Bottled water industry welcomes review

Government review will look at the industry’s impact on groundwater.

China, the world’s largest bottled water market to 2021

Consumption of bottled water on steady upswing.

Woolies shelves alkaline water ‘different’ from the rest

Owners launch new bottled water with a twist.

Infused with enthusiasm

How FMCG disruptor Frequency H2O got started.

SPONSORED: Raising the bar in Alkalinity

Wellness water available now in retailers.

Curo Lifestyle launches new bottle design

Natural alkaline water neutralizes body toxins.

FIJI Water expands in hotels

Bottled water company partners with InterContinental and Marriott Hotels.

Mount Franklin, other brands push bottled water boom

Mount Franklin, Coles Natural Spring Water and Pump Pure Water are among Australia’s most consumed bottled water brands.

Coca-Cola’s smartwater hits Australian shelves

Coca-Cola expands the Australian water category with new smartwater.

Bottled water stagnant

Growth in number of Australians drinking bottled water unchanged since 2010.