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Infused with enthusiasm

Frequency water2Adding light and sound to his bottled spring water, Sturt Hinton’s research dried up his funds, so he made his initial sales rounds by public transport.

Offering a choice of three “vibes” – Love, Lunar and Rainbow – Frequency H20 is not your average bottled water.

Inspired by his passion for science, art and spring water, Frequency CEO Sturt Hinton sources the water from a protected aquifer in remote northern Queensland then infuses it with varied levels of light and sound.

“The artistic concept of being able to drink love, sip on moon water or slam down a rainbow brings life to a massively growing yet innovatively stale industry,” he said.

“With the decline in soda sales and the anti-sugar movement, I saw an opportunity for real innovation in the bottled water space and a chance to combine my passions of science with art by taking world class water and giving it sound and light therapy.”

He said the core product is alkaline water taken from a depth of 60m. It goes through a “structuring kinetic process” and moves into a tank equipped with “vibrational, audible and visual projection technology” where it is infused with sound and light.

“My first creation was Love, infused with sound at 528Hz. In popular culture this tone is known as the solfeggio frequency of love, representing the activation of heart charka, DNA repair and the vibration of love.

“Next was Lunar, infused with sound at 210.42Hz, known as the synodic moon frequency which represents the halfway point in the moon cycle. As such it is considered a balancing frequency that is also sensual and empowering. As well as the visual spectrum, 430-770THz Rainbow is infused with seven chakra sound frequencies.”

Just enough cash

It has not been an easy journey for Hinton, who invested everything he had into the initial research and innovation phases.

“By the time I made it to the spring to put my technology together with the bottling plant, I had sold my car, had no money for rent and just enough cash to make two boxes of love frequency water then buy a plane ticket to Sydney,” said Hinton.

“I put the water in a backpack and traversed the city on public transport showing store owners my sample and selling door to door. Five stores said they would give it a shot, so my brother lent the down payment for my first pallet as well as his ute to deliver it. My pop said I could store the water in his garage.”

H20 Frequency is now stocked in hundreds of supermarkets and health food stores across the nation. Celebrities like Mimi Elashiry, Ruby Rose and the Veronicas are among supporters of the brand, which has an ever growing social following, particularly on Instagram.

“In five years’ time, I would like to see my completed product range a fixture in most grocery and health food stores in Australia, as well as national distribution across the health and organic sector in China, the UK and the US,” said Hinton.

This story was first featured in the July edition of Inside FMCG. Subscribe now.

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