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Planned trade deal with Europe could keep medicine prices too high

Extending pharmaceutical monopolies would substantially increase costs for taxpayers.

New law to ensure reporting of medicine shortages

Pharmacy Guild of Australia welcomes new legislation.

Codeine regulation’s impact on Australian market

Research shows codeine sales have been in decline for the last three years.

Codeine medicines to require prescription

Codeine-containing painkillers will require prescription starting on Thursday.

Is manuka honey actually a “super food”?

What’s the science behind medicinal honey?

Chemists’ Own unveils new Antiseptic Povidone-Iodine Range

New antiseptic antidote available in the market.

Why GPs prescribe too many antibiotics and why it’s time to set targets

Study suggests doctors should set targets when prescribing meds to avoid overuse.

Pharmacists are trusted medical professionals, so they shouldn’t sell remedies that lack evidence

Alternative medicines profit reaches $3.5 billion in Australia.

Novartis supports Government’s $1.8bn medicine budget commitment

It will fund new medicines on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

NZ gets better deal on medicine than Aus

Aus paying three times more for prescription drugs, report says.