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Capturing impulse shoppers

unnamed-12Impulse purchases are at the core of point of purchase (POP) marketing.

It is an art to know how best to engage with a customer to make an impulse decision as they are either standing in a queue, or pacing through the aisles of an inner city supermarket store.

Sales in impulse category items equate to thousands of dollars in revenue for brands, in particular those that play in the confectionery space.

Confectionery items are cheap and buying decisions can be based on questions such as, “Do I have enough change left over from my $20 bill after buying the bread, milk, and baby wipes?,” so we design taking these questions into account.

Dump bins are one of the oldest methods of moving stock onto the floor in bulk and from a customer’s perspective, the perception regardless of whether the product is discounted, is that you’re likely to snatch a bargain.

Chupa Chups lollipops do this fabulously in what is its iconic ‘Mega Tin’. Chupa Chups manage to merge a shipping container with a creative POP display and still achieve what dump bins do. In knowing this, when Stuart Alexander & Co briefed me to design and build permanent wall bays for their  high traffic city stores, right away I started to look at what currently works for them.


Rather than redevelop something from scratch, I decided to incorporate the Mega Tin into a display. This saved the client money and immediately conveyed the same impact instore. Since this first execution, we have continued to rollout variations of this first concept at World Square in Sydney, each time incorporating the ‘buckets’ in one way or another into our designs.

Following our success, in meeting with clients for new projects, quite often the buckets used in the Stuart Alexander & Co wall bays are contemplated upon, and conversations around how they create the perfect impulse purchase tool are had.

Zee Ayad is director of  industrial design and point of puchase marketing agency, ID-PopID-Pop can be contacted or 02 8970 2232  or by email at

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