Red Bull launches new summer edition

Red Bull kiwi apple

Now consumers can enjoy another fresh twist on the classic taste of the world’s number one energy drink brand. Red Bull Australia announces the launch of the new Red Bull The Summer Edition with the taste of kiwifruit and apple in August 2016.

Innovation in flavoured energy drinks is important for future category growth. The taste of energy drinks is considered one of the main barriers to trial and repeat purchase in Australia and one in three shoppers are seeking improvements in flavoured energy drinks. In 2015, Red Bull launched The Summer Edition (Tropical Flavour), which saw over 30 per cent of sales coming from new energy drink shoppers. The Summer Edition increased value sales of The Editions from Red Bull by +167 per cent during Summer 2015/16 versus last year.

In July 2016, Red Bull soft changed this product into the permanent line, The Tropical Edition, across Australia. The Editions from Red Bull and launch of the new Red Bull The Summer Edition will continue to address this consumer need of taste and shopper need for new. Red Bull The Summer Edition is a new Red Bull Energy Drink with the same key ingredients but a new taste and is for anyone who needs wings. Red Bull products are appreciated worldwide by top athletes, students, busy professionals and travellers on long journeys.

Red Bull The Summer Edition will be available in two pack formats – an individual 250ml (RRP $2.85) can and a take home 250ml four-pack (RRP $10.19) and will be line priced with the rest of the Red Bull range. The Summer Edition will be supported with an integrated marketing campaign which will run in the lead up to the 2016/17 Australian summer season.


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