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Nespresso’s ambassador talks vintage Colombian coffee

Mitch2Coffee is one of the world’s most beloved beverages in the world. There’s nothing like a warm cuppa first thing in the morning.

Nestle Nespresso recently launched its unique Selection Vintage 2014 Arabica coffee sourced from Colombia — one of the most well-known coffee regions in Latin America.

Inside FMCG had a chance to sit down with Nespresso coffee ambassador, Mitch Monaghan, to find out more about this new product.

Monaghan is the first coffee ambassador to represent the brand for Australia and New Zealand — the 20th to be appointed worldwide. As a former barista, he was appointed to travel across both countries to visit the Nespresso Boutiques to train their staff on making good coffee and knowing more about the brand.

His frequent visits to the production centres in Switzerland and Costa Rica gave him the opportunity to work extensively with the global team of coffee ambassadors. They were trained to hone and perfect their tasting, profiling and cupping skills when it comes to coffee.

“Not every coffee gets the privilege to express itself through maturation and only certain types of green coffee ages well. Nespresso completed a scientific study to determine, which region was home to beans that would best suit the ageing process, and found that green coffee beans from the Colombian Highlands would make the perfect vintage coffee,” said Monaghan on why the company chose to source it from Latin America, despite the distance.

“This is the first time beans from this region have undergone the ageing process and the outcome is a truly unique coffee experience for our customers.”

According to Monaghan, Nespresso’s Arabica beans from Colombia are encapsulated to provide coffee lovers with a “complex taste of aged coffee: elegant woodiness, softened fruity notes and a smooth velvet-like texture.” Monaghan said traditional coffee dates back to the 1700s and it’s not exactly a new-aged practice.

“Coffee harvested in Indonesia took several months to sail by ship to Europe. While packed in the wooden boat hulls, the coffee was exposed to the wet sea air and salt water causing the beans to swell. The beans then dried in the sun, which altered the taste of the final coffee,” Monaghan told Inside FMCG.

Applying new age techniques, Nespresso created a new method by in house experts to produce Selection Vintage 2014, that is not only made available in Australia but also across the globe.

“Originally harvested in 2014 from the finest coffee farms in the Colombian [Highlands], the beans were meticulously aged in especially-designed hessian bags under strictly controlled conditions. This included regulating the time, oxygen, moisture in the air, light and atmospheric pressure. A rotation system was also implemented for the bags of harvested coffee to ensure a consistent ageing process,” said Monaghan.

The AAA Sustainable Quality Program of Nespresso adheres to practicing environmental and social sustainability in coffee farming. It also binds a network of partners that support the same logistics of buying coffee.

“This helps us to ensure that the farmers who take part in our program receive a premium of 30 to 40 per cent higher than the standard market price. We help provide support, training, financial and technical assistance to continuously improve quality, productivity and sustainability,” explained Monaghan.

Recently, the third wave coffee trend has been emerging around the world. Monaghan sees this trend, adding the increase awareness in consuming high quality coffee, showing keen interest from their consumers. It also signifies their interest in exploring coffee in a greater landscape.

“I love that we’re becoming ever more curious about where our coffees [came] from, how it is roasted and how we might want to drink it,” said Monaghan.

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