Woolworths partners with major film company

Marvel CollectiblesWoolworths has unveiled its all new Marvel Heroes Super Discs Collectibles range.

Aussies who are fans of the Marvel Super Heroes can collect them from April 19 to May 30 when they shop at the supermarket.

“Collectibles is a favourite with our customers and this time, in partnership with Disney, we’ve created a range that can inspire, engage and educate all members of the family,” said Andrew Hicks, Woolworths director of marketing.

“The Marvel Heroes Super Discs collection will also be enhanced by a dedicated app that unlocks a wealth of additional content and allows kids to create their very own Marvel universe. It also means fans young and old can carry their collection with them at all times, whatever mission they might be on.”

There are 42 discs, including seven rare discs, wherein the program offers fans the chance to build, swap and play with some of their favourite Marvel characters. Including Spider-Man, Ant Man, Thor, Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Man and the Avengers. The discs can also be connected by curious minds to build creations from the Marvel universe, like Thor’s hammer or Captain America’s shield.

Woolworths has also launched an app that allows fans to create a virtual collection by scanning in their Super Discs. It unlocks exclusive content and features a ‘connect and build’ function so users can imagine their very own Marvel creations. The app also features an ‘Eat Like a Super Hero’ section, which provides food and recipe inspiration to help fuel little heroes.

Customers can collect one Marvel Heroes Super Disc free with every $20 spent in stores or online. The discs can be kept together by using the collector’s case ($5), a tin ($7), combination key ring and lanyard holder ($5). Bonus discs are also available with the purchase of select participating products.

There are 42 Marvel Super Heroes Discs across seven teams in total:

  • Spider-Man – including Spider-Man, Green Goblin, Kid-Arachnid, Black Suit, Spider Gwen and Doctor Octopus
  • Ant-Man – including Ant-Man, Wasp, Giant-Man, A.I.M, Yellow Jacket and Ultron
  • Thor – including Thor, Valkyrie, Loki, Volstagg, Sif and Heimdall
  • Captain America – including Captain America, Falcon, Black Widow, Black Panther, Red Skull and Winter Soldier
  • Guardians of the Galaxy – including Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Drax, Groot, Gamora and Thanos
  • Iron Man – including Iron Man, War Machine, Rescue, Nick Fury, Whiplash and Hulkbuster
  • Avengers – including Hulk, Iron Man, Black Widow, Vision, Captain America and Hawkeye



  1. Debbie clack posted on May 23, 2017

    Very very disappointed that the marvel discs are so hard to complet a hole set I'm still needing 6-12&30 and I know I'm not the only one wanting these numbers it seems the hard ones to get are the last of the coloured ones if companies are going to promote these sort of things they make sure that none of the numbers are hard to get and not be able to complete the set.

  2. Mel posted on May 30, 2017

    It has started up with excitements but ended up with disappointments among so many collectors of these Woolworths Marvel Superhero discs. The culprits are those RARE DISCS!! By issuing or even making announcements about these rare discs Woolworths has created opportunities for a lot of eBay sellers to hold on to them and sell them at relatively high prices. Woolworths claimed that despite being rare, there are plenty of these discs around. That might be true.. but where are they? ..eBay!! Instead of being able to swap these discs around with other collectors, a lot of people had no choice but to buy them off eBay or Gumtree as no one around seems to have them available to swap with. They're suppose to be free and for swapping only, right? But it's nearly impossible as most collectors looked for the same numbers. It seems that the discs have also been distributed unequally. On one occasion we earned 20 discs but 17 of them were exactly the same ones.. On another occasion we got 6 but 5 were the same. But Woolworths doesn't care at all. All they want to see is that their revenue which has rocketed from the increase of sale during this promotion. People keep shopping more and more at their local Woolworths store in hope to get those rare discs to complete their collection. Incidentally, a lot of stores had run out of these discs more than a week before the promotion ended. It's disgusting! Beware of their future promotions!

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