Nurofen for Children launches new FeverSmart Temperature Monitor

_Nurofen for Children FeverSmart full pack 1Nurofen for Children has launched the new FeverSmart Temperature Monitor today. It’s an innovative wearable baby thermometer that enables parents to continuously and accurately monitor their child’s fever, without disturbing their rest.

“We are excited to announce the launch of FeverSmart Temperature Monitor by Nurofen for Children, it is one of RB’s first connected technology launches. We strongly believe in the product as FeverSmart uses modern technology to help provide parents with more control in managing their child’s fever,” said Laurent De Meyer, marketing manager, Healthcare at RB.

The new medical device transmits a child’s temperature continuously to a
free app that automatically notifies them when the child’s temperature is outside of a normal range. Baby thermometer Nurofen for Children FeverSmart is suitable for children aged 0-3 years and is a discreet non-invasive device that gently attaches to the child’s underarm. It has an adhesive strip crafted using medical grade silicone with the thermometer that’s gentle on a baby’s skin.

When fully charged, the battery life of the thermometer can last for up to 20 days and the device comes equipped with a battery operated charging base station – ideal for use at home or while travelling.

Key features of the Digital Temperature Monitoring app include:

• Continuous monitoring and push notifications – continuously monitors and logs a child’s temperature, with the option to receive notifications when the temperature is in the high range
• Medication tracking – keeping track of dosage has never been simpler, with parents able to record when they last gave their child medication
• Symptom tracking – whether a child has a cough, runny nose or a headache, the app provides the option to record a child’s symptoms, making it simple to present information to a healthcare professional at a later date
• Cloud storage – the app automatically stores a week’s worth of data, with the option to use Cloud storage to record temperature readings over longer periods of time
• Individual profile creation – ideal for growing families, the app offers the option to create individual profiles for multiple children
• Low energy Bluetooth technology – suitable for use with a little one, the device utilises low energy Bluetooth, with a range of up to 40m5
• Multiple platform compatibility – compatible with Apple (iOS), Android and Microsoft devices

FeverSmart Temperature Monitor by Nurofen for Children includes:

• Nurofen for Children FeverSmart thermometer
• Four adhesive patches
• Charging base station
• Three AAA batteries

Nurofen for Children FeverSmart Temperature Monitor sells at RRP AU$139.99 and Nurofen for Children FeverSmart Temperature Monitor Adhesive Patches (pack of four) sells at RRP AU$9.99. Both will be available for purchase from mid-November 2017 at Chemist Warehouse, Priceline and most other pharmacies.


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