Australian celebrities get on board for Arnott’s latest campaign

TimTam MyerArnott’s Tim Tam has long been an iconic chocolate in Australia. The chocolate giant’s latest research has shown that 90 per cent of Australians eat Tim Tam biscuits and 4.1 million consumers eat the sweets every week.

Turns out, only one in three Aussies have actually taken part in the ritual of slamming their Tim Tam!

Tim Tam Slam it involves drinking a beverage through a Tim Tam like it’s a straw.

“We know Aussies love Tim Tam, and have done so for over 50 years, but we were surprised to find that only 50 per cent know about the Tim Tam Slam. At Arnott’s, we think the Tim Tam Slam is the perfect ritual for taking Tim Tam indulgence to the next level and we want everyone to experience the deliciousness. Each Tim Tam Slam is unique to the individual, so we’re starting a movement to help Aussies get the most out of their Tim Tam and asking everyone to #sharetheslam with their friends, their family, their work colleagues and with the nation,” Matt Grant, Tim Tam marketing manager said.

Instagram comedian Celeste Barber and Bec Judd are among the celebrities who have come on board for the campaign.

Arnott’s latest findings showed that Australians declared Tim Tams their favourite Aussie treat (42%), followed by lamingtons (25%), pavlova (22%) and ANZAC biscuits (15%). But surprisingly one-in-ten (13%) Aussies eat Tim Tam on special occasions.

Men have a sweeter tooth for Tim Tams, (25%) are more likely than women (17%) to eat it weekly.

Arnott’s found that Aussies favourite flavours are the Original (39%), Dark Chocolate (16%) and Double Coat (16%). More than half (54%) of respondents who are 25 – 34 years old prefer the double chocolate fix; dubbing hot chocolate as their beverage of choice to slam with and coffee is still the overall reigning favourite (62%).


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