Nestlé removes cane sugar from Milo

miloConfectionery giant Nestlé Australia is to launch a new Milo drink that is free of cane sugar, after two years in the making.

Milo 30% Less Added Sugar has replaced the cane sugar with stevia for sweetness and added soluble corn fibre for texture, in response to the changing needs of families.

Nestlé general manager Andrew McIver said consumers will still be able to taste Milo’s chocolate malt flavour they have known for 85 years.

“Milo was originally designed as a nutritious drink for undernourished children during the Depression, delivering added vitamins and minerals in a format children enjoyed. With parents increasingly concerned about added sugar in their children’s diets, we’ve created an option that is true to the Milo heritage and encourages people to drink milk, but delivers less added sugar,” said McIver.

“From the very beginning, our focus was on creating a product that both tastes like original Milo, and behaves like original Milo. That means not just keeping the same core ingredients of milk powder, cocoa and malt barley, but also making sure it looks the same, tastes great, and has crunchy bits on top. People will be able to choose whether they want the original Milo, or the new Milo 30% Less Added Sugar, knowing that whatever they choose will taste delicious.”

Milo 30% Less Added Sugar Nestlé contains malt barley, milk powder and cocoa. The new product will be sold at RRP A$6.99 and will hit supermarket shelves in May.


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  1. LYN Fairlie posted on May 1, 2019

    When will this be in my local supermarket reply

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