Glad introduces plant-based bin bags

Plastic bag maker Glad has introduced a new range of bin bags with 20 per cent of the petroleum-based plastic replaced with sugarcane. The Glad to Be Green bin liners are aimed at consumers looking to make more sustainable shopping choices.

The new range has a reduced carbon footprint and unlike the usual bin liner it doesn’t break down into micro-plastics. Glad is spreading awareness of the importance of reusing, reducing and recycling online and on social media.

The household brand said the “eco-friendlier bin liner solution” doesn’t compromise on efficiency or hygiene.

“The Glad to be Green range and the launch of our Plant Based Bags marks the start of our journey to transform our business and provide consumers with more sustainable product solutions,” Joy Delis, marketing director of Clorox ANZ said.

“We are developing products that reflect our sustainability vision. The future will see our Glad to be Green range grow to include more products made using plant-based materials, more recycled plastics, and products that are reusable, compostable, and recyclable.”

The new Glad to be Green Plant Based Bags are sold at Woolworths and independent retailers nationwide.


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