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September sees bump in administrations as reality sinks in for ‘zombie’ businesses

So-called ‘zombie’ businesses that have been kept alive through government support, rather than market forces, are beginning to shut up shop, according to a note by CreditorWatch.

Empty trolley

Covid-19 has fuelled the greatest change in FMCG sector in 100 years

Even as society reopens post Covid-19, Australians are likely to remain homebodies, according to research undertaken by News Corp.

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What challenges has Covid-19 thrown at the non-food retail industry?

Adapting to the pandemic situation is crucial for business success, but understanding the end-to-end ramifications of changes being made is just as important.

Vending machine company pivots to PPE offer

Queensland company Now Retail Group is launching Australia’s first vending machine for health products, Health Pod.

More than half of Vic retailers glad restrictions weren’t eased, survey shows

Businesses across Victoria are divided on the state’s lockdown measures, with around fifth surveyed saying the Andrews Government had handled the situation very well, and another fifth saying it had been bungled.

Grocery prices have risen since Covid-19 crisis arrived

More than a third of Australians have observed that grocery prices are increasing, at a time when income levels are constrained by the pressures of the coronavirus pandemic.

Why FMCG companies should explore China opportunities as Covid impact fades

Chinese people are getting back to work, shopping, eating out and trying to get back to “normal” after the Covid-19 lockdown – and they are spending again.

Pharmacists disturbed by Queensland Covid-19 testing plan

Queensland’s pharmacists are concerned by instructions from the state’s government for Covid-19 testing to take place in community pharmacies.

SA Govt launches plan to protect pharmacies in event of Covid-19 outbreak

South Australia’s state government has created a $200,000 emergency fund to help community pharmacies continue to provide critical services during the Covid-19 crisis.

Panic buying wasn’t the only reason supermarkets ran out of stock

As Melbourne enters its toughest lockdown yet, what lessons have been learned about demand?