Woolworths now stocks vegan mince

Funky Fields MincedWoolworths will now stock 100 per cent plant-based mince alternative, Minced from Funky Fields.

Tapping into the trend of consumers eating less traditional protein in their diet, the supermarket giant has rolled out the new line nationally.

“We know there is a trend of consumers eating less traditional protein in their diet, including smaller portions, balancing meat and vegetable protein or looking for 100 per cent meat replacement options, so we are pleased to be the first to be able to offer them the option of the new Funky Fields Minced product,” said Woolworths Meat category manager Elsa Lynch.

The mince alternative contains soy and wheat protein, beetroot, mushrooms, tomato and coconut oil, and has the same protein content as beef when cooked.

Funky Fields Australian director, Peter Jones hopes the Minced launch will reinvent the meat category by challenging the perception that meat-like products can only come from animals.

“Minced is meat – it’s just made from plants,” Jones said. “Our team spent over a year developing a plant-based version of mince that will make your mouth water – even if you’re a
meat-lover – and will help to reframe the way we think about meat.

“We hope when people see Minced it will encourage more Aussies to embrace a plant-based diet or at least cut back on their meat consumption which we know is better for both the environment and our health.”


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  1. Susan Wiggan posted on June 30, 2018

    Hi, excited about your new vegan mince product, though just wondering if it is gluten free also? Thank you Susan

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