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UK surpasses Germany as world leader for vegan food launches

Flexitarianism on the rise as consumers “flirt” with veganism.

Chobani non dairy

Chobani releases its first plant-based options

The company wants to avoid using words like “yoghurt” and “milk” to describe the dairy-free products.

Whole Foods store front2

Whole Foods offers online dietary assistance

Digital catalogue allows users to search for vegan, keto and paleo options.

veg shopping

Organic, free-range, fairtrade or vegan: how ethical consumption got so selective

Mobilising ethical concerns into our shopping baskets requires breaking old habits and making new ones.


Why do vegans have such bad reputations?

The perception of a moral reproach can also trigger resentment in others.


Woolworths expands Macro range

More vegan options for the Macro Wholefoods Market.

Tesco supermarket2

Tesco doubling plant based offering

Tesco says “flexitarianism” is on the rise.

Funky Fields Minced

Woolworths now stocks vegan mince

Supermarket giant taps into plant-based food trend.

Coles Dark Chocolate

Coles recalls Sugar Free Dark Chocolate

Supermarket labels chocolate incorrectly as “suitable for vegans”.

Carman's Bliss Balls

Carman’s releases new Bliss Balls

New healthy superfood snack at Coles.

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