Heinz launches range of plant protein soups

Food company Heinz has launched a range of plant-based soup into Woolworths and select IGA stores nationally.

The Plant Proteinz range features six plant protein-based soups comprised of vegetables, beans and legumes, and aims to satisy increasing demand for plant-based options.

Simon Laroche, Kraft Heinz ANJ president told Inside FMCG that the Plant Proteinz range was in the works for about six months. 

“We’ve put the work into product development and ensuring the quality of ingredients,” LaRoche said.

“We’re focused on offering plant protein-based alternatives to the mainstream consumer at an affordable price, so that every Australian can pick up a convenient and easy plant protein based meal alternative that doesn’t compromise on tastiness and heartiness.”

A Heinz consumer study found that a third of people are eating less meat than they used to. Around half of consumers who participated would consider eating more plant protein-based foods if it had a direct effect on helping to combat climate change (50 per cent) and would be better for animals (46 per cent).

“We’ve been listening to the increasing demand for plant protein and weren’t surprised to find that of those considering eating more plant protein-based meals, only 34 per cent think these can taste just as good as meals with meat,” said Laroche.

He added that the product team at Heinz is exploring more opportunities in plant proteins.

For now, LaRoche said production at Heinz is continuing at speed.

“We are doing all we can to ensure Australians can get access to our range of products. We are working with our retail partners to deliver what’s needed to meet demand,” he said.

The food brand is running a virtual sausage sizzle this weekend to raise funds for Foodbank. The event will be live streamed on Facebook and wil encourage consumers to hold their own sausage sizzle at home.


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