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Shelf life: Bega unveils B Honey range

This week’s new products include a peanut butter company introducing a honey range and a disinfectant company rolling out the latest lineup of cleaning products.

Bega introduces B Honey range

Australian company Bega has expanded into the honey business with its new product, B Honey. It also announced the launch of the Purple Hive Project, a solar-powered artificial intelligence-based device that can detect the Varroa mite and help stop it from spreading in Australia. The mite has killed honey bee colonies worldwide and poses a threat to the local beekeeping industry.

“When we began to develop B Honey, we realised the significant threat facing Australia’s honey industry. It was clear to us that we needed to invest in technology and innovation to support the future of our honey bees, Australian beekeepers, and in turn, Australian agriculture,” explained Adam McNamara, executive general manager at Bega Foods.

The Varroa mite in Australia could potentially cripple the honey industry, including food crops that rely heavily on honey bees for pollination. Our nation’s food security is heavily dependent on honey bees, according to Ian Cane, Australian beekeeper and Purple Hive Project advisors.

Pine O Cleen rolls out new Simply disinfectant

Disinfectant brand Pine O Cleen has rolled out a new range of cleaning products, branded Simply. The multipurpose sprays and biodegradable wipes are made with plant-based disinfectant actives that kill 99.9 per cent of germs. The easy-to-use spray cleans grease and grime in the kitchen and the wipes, made from biodegradable fibres, clean surfaces at home, in the car or at the office. They are free from dyes and ammonia. The company created three fragrances: Apple, Grapefruit and Meadow Flowers.

“We are proud to be building on this legacy with the launch of Pine O Cleen Simply, which uses a 100-per-cent plant-based disinfectant active while still living up to the Pine O Cleen germ-kill abilities the brand is known for,” Leo Rempe, senior brand manager – Pine O Cleen at RB Hygiene (ANZ).

Pine O Cleen Simply products are sold in major supermarkets for RRP $5.

Bluebird adds a twist to old time Kiwi favourites

New Zealand crisp brand Bluebird has rolled out four new Kiwi flavours with a twist: Lamington, Paua Fritters and Lemon, Cheese and Onion Toastie, and Sunday Roast.

“We know both our paua fritters and lamington chips are going to raise a few eyebrows, but you just can’t beat the salty and zesty hit or wonderful sweet bite with the satisfying Bluebird crunch,” said Bluebird general manager Ali Hamza.

Bluebird’s Potato Chip production manager Chris Clements said it is his first time in 30 years that he was so excited about a new flavour.

“Straight away when you open the packet, the aroma comes out of a freshly cooked strawberry and chocolate lamington yummy – this flavour takes the cake!” he said.

The new Bluebird chips are available in supermarkets, petrol stations and convenience stores for a limited time. They are sold for RRP NZ$2.20 per 140g share bag and $1.49 per 40g single serve.

Pampers unveils Preemie Swaddler

Diaper brand Pampers has rolled out the new Preemie Swaddler for premature babies, suited to bubs who weigh less than four pounds. The US brand said sleep is very important for premature infants so they can grow and allow their brains to mature and develop. Pampers Preemie Swaddlers help minimise stressful diaper changes and diaper leakage. It helps support natural positioning to keep preemies comfortable and asleep.

“When babies are in the womb, they have this natural and nurturing environment that allows them to develop, both physically and neurologically. When they come out into the world earlier than expected, this process is interrupted, making sleep even more critical to their development than normal. That is why we were so excited to be able to bring this product directly to preemies by distributing it into the hands of the hospitals taking care of them during this most delicate time,” said Lynn Schuetz, senior director, R&D at Procter & Gamble.

Calabria Family Wines brews new Richland range

Liquor business Calabria Family Wines has created a new easy-to-drink Calabria Richland range. It redesigned the packaging with the Richland logo turned into a more modern font integrating it with the Richland ‘R’ in vineyard patchwork elements. Calabria Family Wines’ logo now sits on top of the label.

“Our Richland wines consistently over-deliver and have become a go-to option for value for money and quality. The new design celebrates the past while bringing a refreshing new look to the range that is ready for the future,” said Calabria Family Wines sales & marketing manager Andrew Calabria.

Calabria Richland Pinot Noir 2020 is rolling out this week while the other wine varieties will be available on supermarket shelves later in 2020. It is sold at selected wine retailers for RRP $11.95.

Go Healthy creates new vitamin range

Vitamin brand, Go Healthy has created the new Go Ashwagandha 8000+ Stress & Energy 1-A-Day. The adaptogen herb Ashwagandha is used in Indian Ayurvedic Medicine for over 6000 years to help the body with stress and promote energy levels and mental clarity. The new vitamin has a high dose of Kava, a plant used in the Pacific Island as an anxiolytic to soothe and calm nerves and help consumers sleep.

“In the right dose, stress can provide a jolt of motivation to keep us moving along, but given most of us are dealing with unprecedented changes to how we live and work, too much stress, and the unhealthy coping mechanisms that can follow, can lead to heart palpitations, fatigue, sleep disturbance, insomnia, upset stomach, a weakened immune system and much more,” said Go Healthy’s chief naturopath, Peta Teuma.

Go Ashwagandha 8000+ Stress & Energy 1-A-Day is sold for RRP $60, VegeCaps for $34.99 and Go Kava 4200 1-A-Day is for RRP $34.99 for 60 VegeCaps.

Fortris releases new whisky drink

Australian distillery Starward has unveiled the fourth addition to its whisky range, Fortis Batch 1. The new liquor is a 50 per cent alcohol (ABV) with Starward’s signature red wine barrel maturation. The new whisky is matured in 100-per-cent American Oak wine barrels, sourced from the Barossa Valley.

“This full bodied, full flavoured whisky – while quite different to our other releases – still shows all the hallmarks of our core range. Like our other whiskies it delivers on the promise of a distinctly Australian Whisky, one we offer the world with pride. I can’t wait to share each batch’s nuances and variations that bring to life our innovative spirit and the depth of barrels we source from Aussie winemakers,” said Starward founder, David Vitale.

Fortis Batch 1 is a limited release whisky available in a 700ml bottle for RRP $129. Consumers can purchase it exclusively online from August 3 and they can personalise the Fortis whisky with a custom gift note on the Starward website for Father’s Day present. Orders should be placed by August 20.

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