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Supermarkets limit number of shoppers to promote social distancing

Woolworths is adding signage and a coned area outside stores and will work with local centre management security and police to manage queues.

McDonald’s pivots into grocery basics

Businesses adapt and pivot to remain relevant to consumers during COVID-19 restrictions.

What actually are ‘essential services’ and who decides?

While we have seen many businesses reduce or close their operations, many are waiting for further announcements to potentially close all “non-essential” services.

Catch reports near 300 per cent increase on sales of household goods

Traffic to Catch’s grocery pages rises 467 per cent as consumers gravitate online.

Coles opens three pop-up distribution centres to meet demand, and there’s more to come

Supermarket giant places 7000 staff in two weeks, with a further 5000 jobs on offer across supermarkets, liquor, online, supply chain and bakeries.

Woolies introduces ‘Basics Box’ as part of online efforts

Woolworths is rolling out an $80 box of basic groceries which includes meals, snacks and a few essential items.

Shop! ANZ calls for participants for retail survey

Participants will get a free copy of the Shop! ANZ research report.

Woolworths boosts online deliveries through 41 priority hubs

Woolworths cuts trading hours to scale up online deliveries to the elderly, people with disabilities and those in mandatory self-isolation.

Coles’ acquisition of Jewel Fine Foods gets green light from ACCC

Coles’ acquisition of a major supplier is its first since listing as an independent company on the ASX.

Unilever adapts lines to produce hand sanitiser as factories run nonstop to meet demand for essentials

Unilever has reassured staff that they will be protected from sudden drops in pay as a result of market disruption or being unable to perform their role.