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Costa sees shares drop 40 per cent following subdued demand for veg

The fruit and vegetable grower revealed that January trading conditions are slower than planned.

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Blended meat and veg range hits Woolworths

An new range of burgers, sausages and meatballs with a hefty veg component.

fruits vegetables

Australians prefer organic produce

Latest research shows one in 10 Australians are highly-committed organic purchasers.

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Why Australia imports so many veggie seeds (and do we really need to treat them with fungicides?)

Over 19,000 Aussies sign petition objecting the proposal.


Buying fresh potatoes and carrots all year round is destroying Australia’s soil

The hidden cost of producing fruits and vegetables yearly.

Woolworths Fresh Market Update

Woolies spotlights suppliers to consumers

Woolworths’ road trip re-launched.

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FedEx shows Australian goods’ popularity in China

Chinese shoppers prefer Aussie products online.

Australia Food Supply

How many people can Australia feed?

The country supplies a wide variety of fresh food.

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Australian agricultural exports demand soar in UAE

Market targets 17.7% growth over the next five years.


Health Check: Can chopping your vegetables boost their nutrients?

Veggies contain a wide range of bioactive compounds.

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