Coco Joy adds flavoured coconut milk

cocojoyFAL Food & Beverages has launched Australia’s first flavoured coconut milk range, with the release of  Coco Joy Flavoured Coconut Milk.

The new range of coconut-based beverages is available in chocolate, banana, and coffee flavours in 500ml or 250ml sizes, and joins Coco Joy’s growing range of coconut products, including coconut water, flour, oil, skin care, ice desserts, and an array of healthy kid’s beverages.

“According to Dairy Australia, 239 million litres of flavoured milk were sold across the country in 2013/14,” Tim Xenos, CEO of FAL Food & Beverages, a FAL Group brand, said.

“With up to 20 per cent less sugar than some competing brands of flavoured milk and all the goodness of fresh coconut, we are finally giving Australians a healthier option that’s easy on the tastebuds and the stomach too,” Xenos said.

“Coco Joy Flavoured Coconut Milk is free of dairy, soy, lactose, or gluten. With no preservatives and natural flavours. Coco Joy Flavoured Coconut Milk is the ideal choice for people with food intolerances or simply those health conscious individuals who are looking for a refreshing and satisfying drink any time of the day or night.”

Coco Joy Flavoured Coconut Milk is made with real brown coconuts from Southeast Asia’s coconut groves. After the fruit is husked and halved, the pulp is pressed and then blended with pure filtered water and natural flavours.

“The addition of Coco Joy Flavoured Coconut Milk to our range is the first of several new and innovative announcements for Coco Joy in 2015. With a unique retail concept in the pipeline, we look forward to ‘Bringing Back the Joy’ to Australians in the months to come,” said Xenos.

Coco Joy Flavoured Coconut Milk is now available at and selected convenience stores, with distribution to expand throughout the year.

Coco Joy Flavoured Coconut Milk is available at RRP $3.50 for 500ml or RRP $2.50 for 250ml.


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