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Packaging for the planet

The development of the 2025 National Packaging Targets aims to help manufacturers and retailers move towards more sustainable options.

Poll: Could supermarkets be doing more to help farmers right now?

Some milk processors continuing to pay cheques when in many cases they’re not getting the product.

Poll: Is Australia protected against an African swine fever outbreak?

An outbreak of the disease, which kills about 80 per cent of the pigs it infects, could decimate Australia’s $5 billion pork industry.

Poll: Are you optimistic about Christmas trade?

NSW businesses: Do you expect the bushfire crisis and continuous smoke haze to impact retail sales this Christmas?

Poll: Do we need stricter rules around allergen labelling on imports?

Scientists that tested imported foods from Asia found that nearly half of the samples had undeclared allergens.

Poll: Will you be taking part in Black Friday?

Some retailers and direct-to-consumer brands will be looking to Black Friday and Cyber Monday to increase sales.

Poll: Are you in favour of cashless stores?

While the cashless shopping experience is seen by many as the future of retail, some have taken issue with the inaccessibility of the service.

Poll: Should employers face criminal penalties over underpayments?

A leading employer group said it strongly opposes the introduction of criminal penalties for wage underpayments.

Future-focused organisations prioritising employee experience

As automation and AI changes the business landscape, smart leaders and organisations are investing in employee experience.

Poll: Does a four day working week make good business sense?

The arguments for a shorter working week include improved productivity, happier employees and better wellbeing, but could it be costly for businesses?

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Should supermarkets be doing more to support farmers impacted by bushfires?