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Poll: Are you in favour of cashless stores?

While the cashless shopping experience is seen by many as the future of retail, some have taken issue with the inaccessibility of the service.

Poll: Should employers face criminal penalties over underpayments?

A leading employer group said it strongly opposes the introduction of criminal penalties for wage underpayments.

Future-focused organisations prioritising employee experience

As automation and AI changes the business landscape, smart leaders and organisations are investing in employee experience.

Poll: Does a four day working week make good business sense?

The arguments for a shorter working week include improved productivity, happier employees and better wellbeing, but could it be costly for businesses?

Stop shaming, start empowering: advertisers must rethink their plastic waste message

Advertisers who tell a good story can persuade the public of all sorts of things but some messages can be disingenuous and misleading.

Poll: Can referencing your rival help or hinder your brand?

Is a nod to your biggest rival a wise move, or is it something that should be reserved for those at the top of their game?

Death throes for discounting

With the imminent arrival of Kaufland, Australian supermarkets are feeling the pull towards consistent pricing and everyday better value to stay competitive.

Poll: Too early for Christmas goods?

Are consumers ready for festive products in supermarkets?

The rise, fall and rise again of businesses serving more than just their shareholders

The history of what – and who – businesses serve reveals that this is an age-old debate, which has raged since the dawn of modern day capitalism.

Poll: Is it OK to call plant-based food items “meat”?

New Zealand pizza chain warned that its advertising of a “burger pizza” was likely to mislead consumers.