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Milklab almond milk recalled on microbial contamination fears

A number of almond milk products are being recalled, according to the Food Standards Board of ANZ.

Recall: David Jones Milk Chocolate Sultanas

David Jones pulls chocolate off supermarket shelves due to peanut.

Shelf Life: Big Drop Brewing Co brings its signature beers to Australia

This week’s Shelf Life features Big Drop low-alcohol beer, Australia’s first baked potato chip and Will & Co’s new coffee stout.

Krispy Kreme and Violet Crumble wed in doughnut range

South Australian confectionery brand Violet Crumble is teaming with doughnut cafe chain Krispy Kreme, in a new varietal.

Roar Organic range to be listed on BuyNatural

Roar Organic has been listed on BuyNatural, the community for natural, organic & eco-friendly products.

Murray River Organics sweetens offer with organic ‘mylk chocolate’

Murray River Organics has entered the A$1.3 billion confectionery sector.

Shelf life: Whittaker’s and Bundaberg create Brewed Ginger Caramel

New products this week include Whittaker’s Brewed Ginger Caramel, Nexba’s new probiotic soda range and Colgate’s smart electric toothbrush.

Bae Juice moves mainstream

Australian startup Bae Juice has entered into a retail partnership with Woolworths that will see the brand distributed across more than 900 stores within Australia.

Mrs Mac’s invites Australians to create their next pie

Australian meat-pie manufacturer Mrs Mac’s has rolled out a campaign inviting fans to submit their pie recipes.

SHELF LIFE: Dessert-themed biscuits, ‘kid-proof’ toothbrushes and more

This week’s Shelf Life features more dessert-themed biscuits from Arnott’s, ‘kid-proof’ toothbrushes from CareDent with flashing lights, and more