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Allen’s launches raspberry bites following pop-up success

Nestlé unveils biggest chocolate bags launch in recent years featuring three major brands.

KitKat Gold goes global

Nestlé brings KitKat Gold to major retailers across Europe following unprecedented success in Australia and New Zealand.

KitKat introduces rare volcanic chocolate to Australia

New limited edition Kitkat range is made from one of the world’s rarest cocoas.

Crowdfunding platform created for ruby chocolate

Consumers can share innovations and ideas with artisans and brands.

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Catch up on the big stories from the week.

KitKat Gold to remain on shelves in Australia

Nestlé keeps limited edition bar following phenomenal demand.

This week in FMCG

Catch up on the top stories from the week.

World’s first gin KitKat launches in Melbourne

Gin lovers rejoice! Gin-infused KitKat is here.

Made-to-order Kit Kat store opens in Japan

It offers customised creations chilled on-the-spot with liquid nitrogen.

What Nestlé’s attempt to trademark the shape of a KitKat teaches us about design

Nestlé lost its case in the European Union to protect the the four-finger shape of the chocolate.

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