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The best of both worlds – panel and shopper loyalty data

SPONSORED: Find out how one IRI client used panel with shopper loyalty data to find out which customer segments were driving sales.

Does displaying unit price encourage shoppers to switch between grocery brands?

New research examines the influence of unit price on brand swapping.

Research reveals 7.9m Aussies choosing to dine in

More Aussies dining in despite claims that cooking skills are below average.

UK study finds vaping could harm lung cells

A study found that vaping may damage lung cells which remove dust particles, bacteria and allergens.

Australian farmers’ confidence soar

Rabobanks’ latest survey shows price for beef continues to hit new records.

Australia, China partner on grains research

The two countries share similar challenges for their industries.

Salmon consumption up

Australian consumption of salmon increases.

Wine industry battling to survive

Analysts disaggregate precarious nature of Australia’s wine industry.

Vegetable consumption lags

Consumer research exposes decline despite Australians knowing better.

Research agency makes Play into FMCG

Sydney-based market research agency launches syndicated product testing platform for FMCG brands.

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