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Chobani launches hot cross bun Easter Flip

Chobunny Easter Flip is the latest in the yoghurt brand’s limited batch campaigns.

This week in FMCG

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Chobani releases Halloween batch with six different foils

Approximately 70,000 Chobani Pumpkin Pie Flips have been released to Coles stores.

Chobani Australia launches Fit X with no added sugar

The new range is designed to meet the needs of functional eaters.

This week in FMCG

The top headlines this week.

Chobani releases Greek Yogurt range for kids

Latest innovation co-created with parents and kids.

Chobani’s culture of innovation

MD Peter Meek shares how the company takes a resourceful approach to new ideas.

Chobani releases its first plant-based options

The company wants to avoid using words like “yoghurt” and “milk” to describe the dairy-free products.

Chobani Australia kicks off first Food Incubator class

Five food start-ups join yoghurt company’s first Australian class.